The Charity

Fly into July is a registered charity, with a specific focus on removing barriers and supporting people with an accessibility requirement.

We aim to create opportunities for anyone to participate in sport alongside their peers and we’re driven by inclusion. We want to help improve the way integrated sport participation programs are delivered.

We do this via two means – helping provide school-age children with pathways into sport participation, and working with mass participation events to improve their accessible pathways and participant experience.

Fly into July aims to:

– Support and encourage sport participation for people with an accessibility requirement,

– Increase awareness of recommended health and wellness levels,

– Promote healthy living,

– Create social interaction through teaming up of challenge participants, and;

– Raise awareness and provide a donation for each Supported Charity or Cause.

Through the Fly into July Pathways Program, we intend to help remove barriers and support people with an accessibility requirement.

In order to achieve our goals and create opportunities for anyone to participate in sport alongside their peers, we’re raising funds to purchase running frames in 2021. Our aim is to donate running frames to local athletic clubs around Australia, enabling a greater reach for children to start participating in sports.

Running frames are one of the first pieces of equipment that children with an accessibility requirement will use to participate in sport, and can be integrated into school athletic carnivals, track events, and mass participation events.

Frame running has been nominated for inclusion in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, and we eagerly await a decision from the International Paralympic Committee on its status. What an opportunity and pathway that would present for our children and para athletes in the future.

The Fly into July Annual Step Challenge aims to get people moving, connected with others, and focused on healthy living no matter your fitness level. This challenge is for everyone!

You participate on your own terms throughout the month of July, wherever, whenever and with whoever you want. Whether it is setting some simple goals to be more active, focusing on rehabilitation through movement, or looking to take out the title of the biggest stepper of the entire challenge.

We welcome participants from all around the world, and support some amazing charities and causes from specific countries. You can choose which of our supported charities or causes to fundraise for during registration.

The Fly into July Annual Step Challenge is a virtual event that runs from 1st – 31st July each year, and is designed to be broadly inclusive. People of all capabilities are encouraged to set some simple goals relevant to their own personal circumstances. This may include:

– being more active,

– focusing on rehabilitation through movement, or;

– thinking about their own health and lifestyle choices.

But it wouldn’t be broadly inclusive enough if we only ran the challenge just to meet our own charity goals, that’s why we fundraise for other charities and causes too. This is our way of helping instil wider acceptance and change outside of our own charity’s programs. So get ready, set some personal goals, and support a cause.

The Fly into July team consists of:

Founder/Director, Fly into July Ltd

With 14 years of extensive experience in the sport management industry, Natalie has been in senior positions both domestically and abroad, having worked on a wide range of major sporting events throughout her career. She also holds the accolade of the youngest Australian to run a marathon on all 7 Continents unassisted. Natalie leads Fly into July Ltd.’s partnership and participant experience services.

Director, Fly into July Ltd

Through 16 years of experience in international events, Matt has held senior management positions covering strategic development, ticketing, system implementation and project management. Matt looks after the internal strategy and development for Fly into July Ltd.

Director, Fly into July Ltd

As a Chartered Accountant with over 12 years experience in accounting, compliance and business advisory services, Andy is driven and passionate about achieving the best results for his colleagues and clients. Andy is responsible for overseeing the financial services that apply to Fly into July Ltd.

Technical Advisor

Andrew’s been passionately coding and creating for 16 years and is proud to be lead developer on Fly into July. A strong believer in healthy body, healthy brain, he trains daily and participates in triathlons. For him, being involved in Fly into July is a perfect fusion of interests.