Challenge Accessibility

The Fly into July Annual Step Challenge is designed to be broadly inclusive, with people of all capabilities encouraged to set some simple goals to be more active, or focus on rehabilitation through movement, and think about their own health and lifestyle choices throughout the month of July.

The core goal of the challenge is to encourage increased mobility and activity, therefore we provide a number of tools that help include people of all abilities.

If you have concerns about the accessibility of our annual challenge, please contact us.

Website Accessibility

It is the intention of Fly into July Ltd that the content of this website should be accessible to the widest possible audience, including people with accessibility requirements who may use assistive technologies.

We endeavour to maximise the accessibility of this website by making every reasonable effort to ensure that this website meets the highest possible W3C WCAG standards. For more information on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines please visit the W3C website.

If you have concerns about the accessibility of this website, please contact us.