Challenge FAQs

Challenge FAQs

About Fly into July

Fly into July is a registered charity, with a specific focus on active lifestyles.

We do this via two means – helping provide school-age children with pathways into sport participation, and an annual challenge open to all.

Both of these means support the same overarching framework, namely to focus on better social, mental and physical wellbeing within the general populous.

The Fly into July Challenge is designed to be broadly inclusive, with people of all capabilities encouraged to set some simple goals to be more active, or focus on rehabilitation through movement, and think about their own health and lifestyle choices throughout the month of July.

In addition to fundraising for our own programs during the challenge, we also fundraise for other supported charities and causes.

We encourage participation on your own terms, wherever, whenever and with whoever you want. Just by participating you’re already doing your bit, over 50% of your total registration cost is donated to your choice of one of our supported charities or causes.
Fly into July aims to:

- Support and encourage sport participation for people with an accessibility requirement

- Increase awareness of recommended health and wellness levels

- Promote healthy living

- Create social interaction through teaming up of participants

- Raise awareness and provide a donation for each supported charity or cause
No - Participation is valued over competition, with prizes being awarded predominantly as encouragement.
The Fly into July Challenge starts on 1st of July and concludes 31st of July each year.
Challenge registrations open from 1st of June each year, with the challenge starting on 1st of July.
You really should be registered for the Challenge by 30th June for the relevant year, otherwise you could miss out on some great fun and prizes.
The Challenge registration cost is $31* ($1 per day in July).

This includes a suggested donation of $16 to your choice of supported charity or cause. You may also opt to cover payment processing fees.

*The Cost to register for the Fly into July Challenge is on a per-person basis and shown in Australian Dollars (AUD). If you pay for registration in a different currency, or choose to support a charity or cause not based in Australia, the currency associated to the Cost will be converted during the registration process. The Cost includes a pre-defined, optional donation amount and can be changed during the registration process.
As a registered charity, Fly into July has its own ambitions of providing pathways into sport participation for school-aged children, and to help educate them on healthy lifestyle choices. Part of our funding for these ambitions comes from the $15 registration fee participants pay when registering for the Challenge.

Getting started

1. Register for the Fly into July Challenge between 1st June - 30th June.

2. You can choose to:
- Create a team (become the team captain)
- Join a team (receive an invite code from a team captain)
- Get placed in a random team (connect with new friends)

Please note; Team sizes are between 4-10 people.

3. Choose which one of the charities or causes to support.

4. From 1st July - 31st July, track your daily step count on your preferred device and record your steps via the Fly into July Challenge Dashboard.

5. Use the team chat function to discuss progress, encourage others and achieve your goals.

6. Daily steps are submitted every Sunday in July.

7. Leaderboards are updated every Monday in July with weekly prizes on offer.
Participants take part in the Challenge as both an individual and in a team. It’s okay not to have a team arranged. If you would prefer to be placed in a ‘random’ team, then select this option when registering. How exciting, new friends!

Overall results are tracked and can be compared to others in the Challenge.
Most people wouldn’t achieve the recommended adult public health advice of 10,000 steps per day without making a conscious effort to go for a significant walk every day. Don’t worry if this is too much for you, just focus on doing a little bit more than usual - not on what everyone else is doing.

Remember, everyone’s ability is different, and this Challenge is about participation and setting personal goals. In the past we’ve been inspired by participants that were in rehabilitation and aimed for 2,000 steps each day. This was their personal mission and a huge commitment for them.

We’ve also seen multiple participants who had a specific goal to walk over 1 million steps over the month of July. Wow!
You can walk, jog, or run. We also welcome and encourage people using a wheelchair to participate, and have provided a conversion calculation for distance to be calculated into number of ‘steps’.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Fly into July Challenge does not count cross-trainer/elliptical machines as a true record of counting steps. Distance traveled in other forms, such as on a bike or swimming, is also not valid.
It’s a great chance to reconnect. You will have great motivation to want to get your steps up and exercise.

We want to see you opt to park further away, walk around the house while you brush your teeth, get off the bus one stop earlier, or take the stairs if you’re able.

The friendly competition between your family, friends and colleagues, and your new Fly into July mates is a heap of fun.

Through being healthier, you’ll probably find that you have loads more energy too.

And, by just participating, you’re helping raise awareness and funding for one of our supported charities or causes.
This year, we are supporting charities and causes from multiple countries, but we still welcome participants from all over the world. However, please note that payments may only be accepted in specific currencies and you may incur additional exchange rate charges or processing fees outside our control as a result.

If you participate when overseas, please remain diligent in meeting the relevant Challenge submission deadlines as outlined.
We’re more than happy for you to use any device that counts steps (including smartwatches or a pedometer/health app on your phone) or a device that records distance that can be used in conjunction with our distance-to-steps conversion calculation. If you don’t have a specific device, you can visit your preferred app store and search for ‘stepping apps’.

Team information

Team sizes can be from 4-10 participants.
If you chose to create a new team during the registration process, you will become the Team Captain and will be able to invite others to your team.

Team Captains can find their team invite code on the Dashboard. Simply log in to see your team invite code, then send it to the people you want to join you.

Teams can be between 4-10 participants. You can send this team invite code out as many times as you like, but once your team is full others will not be able to join.
All team steps are averaged by the number of participants.

For example:

- Steve completes 70,000 steps for the week
- Julie completes 40,000 steps for the week
- Lauren completes 50,000 steps for the week
- Elise completes 20,000 steps for the week

The team has taken 180,000 steps for the week

The weekly average is the total number of team steps divided by the number of participants in the team.

The weekly average for this team is 45,000 steps.
You cannot register multiple people on the same participation account, each person is required to have a unique email address to register.
Yes, absolutely. We encourage companies to participate in the Fly into July Challenge. Team up with your colleagues and register a work team.

If you would like to discuss registering your company for the Challenge, please contact us.
Yes, absolutely. We encourage students and teachers to participate in the Fly into July Challenge. Team up with your classmates and register a school team.

If you would like to discuss registering your school for the Challenge, please contact us.
Participants will take part in the Challenge both as an individual and in a team. If you don’t want to create a team, or join an existing team, you can choose to join a 'random' team. By joining a random team you will be eligible for both individual and team prizes.

The other people in this team will only see limited personal information and you can choose whether you want to engage with them in a group chat or not.

Step submission

Once you have registered and logged into the Dashboard, daily step counts are entered manually. Please keep record of each day’s step count for the active week and enter them into your dashboard. We will calculate your weekly total for you.

You can enter your relevant daily step counts just prior to the weekly submission deadline, but we recommend updating more frequently.

Please note, we do not offer third party integration for automatic step count uploads at this time.
A step week starts on Sunday and concludes on Saturday, unless July begins or ends on a partial week.

For example, the first week of 2021’s challenge starts on Thursday 1st of July and concludes on Saturday 3rd of July. On Sunday 4th of July, you will enter your steps for all completed days - that being Thursday 1st to Saturday 3rd of July. The following Sunday, 11th of July, you will submit steps for the period Sunday 4th to Saturday 10th of July.

The specific step submission deadlines for 2021's challenge are:

- Sunday 4th of July (steps entered for 1st to 3rd of July)
- Sunday 11th of July (steps entered for 4th to 10th of July)
- Sunday 18th of July (steps entered for 11th to 17th of July)
- Sunday 25th of July (steps entered for 18th to 24th of July)
- Sunday 1st August (steps entered for 25th to 31st of July)

If you prefer to visit your Dashboard and enter steps on a more frequent basis you are welcome to do so, but please ensure your week’s steps are all input by the step submission deadline. Late submission of steps may exclude you from prize eligibility.
You should always validate your steps prior to submitting, but if you make a genuine mistake you can edit submitted steps on your Dashboard. If you require further assistance with editing steps, please contact us.


You’re amazing, thank you. We know our supported charities and causes would appreciate that. If you would like to fundraise additional amounts, you will have access to a personal fundraising page from your Dashboard. You will be able to share this on your social accounts or via email.
Fly into July is a charity with Deductible Gift Recipient status. However, please ensure you are aware of your own personal eligibility for tax deductions prior to making a donation.

Donations to a charity based in the country in which you reside are generally eligible for tax deductions, however donations to charities based in a different country to which you reside may not be eligible for tax deduction.

Donations to personal causes are not tax deductible.

It is the responsibility of each donor to check whether our DGR receipt will be accepted as tax deductible by their residential country's tax authority.


We award prizes in a number of ways, many of which are simply designed to encourage participation. These include:

- You've inspired us awards (Weekly award in July).

- Above and beyond awards (Weekly award in July - for individuals that have gone 'above and beyond' to help motivate/engage their team or workplace).

- Weekly most improved (Individual & Team).

- Weekly lucky prize draw (Individual).

- Age group medal awards (Winner, second, third per age group).

- 1 million steps awards (For participants that reach the illusive 1 million steps over July) - average 33,000 steps per day!

- Most steps in one day challenge. (This can be attempted on any day in July. Each week when the leaderboard is refreshed, we will share the current leading step count for a single day - last year this started at 72,551 steps and was won with 213,637 steps on the final day of July! There were more than 3 attempts at walking for 24 hours to try and achieve this.)

- Overall steps in July winner, second, third (Individual & Teams).


We encourage you to follow us on Facebook, where most of our general engagement will occur.

You can also follow us on Instagram, post your step challenge photos, and find out the prize winners there too.

Please feel free to tag us in your journey using @flyintojuly

Our official hashtags are #flyintojuly #step #support #achieve

And, we also encourage tagging the charity or cause that your donation is supporting too!
You can use the chat function on the Dashboard to talk with your teammates.

We've also created a private Facebook group just for Fly into July Challenge participants where you can share your stories, post photos, and celebrate your achievements with the whole group.

A link to our participant Facebook group will be included on your dashboard after registering.


The leaderboard shows many fun and exciting stats, such as:

- All participant's individual and team statistics.

- Age group specific statistics.
Your total cost to participate includes a registration fee and suggested donation. The registration fee is not a tax deductible item, however donations may be tax deductible.

Donations to a charity based in the country in which you reside are generally eligible for tax deductions, however donations to charities based in a different country to which you reside may not be eligible for tax deduction. Donations to personal causes are not tax deductible.

It is the responsibility of each donor to check whether our DGR receipt will be accepted as tax deductible by their residential country's tax authority.

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