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Australian charities and causes we support

Fly into July Pathways Program

The Fly into July Pathways Program exists to positively affect social, mental and physical wellbeing. To achieve this, Fly into July has partnered with Disability Sports Australia and Race Running Australia to help meet our charity goals of increasing sport participation in children with an accessibility requirement.

Through your fundraising, we will provide race running frames to Disability Sports Australia for use by Race Running Australia, which in turn will help children participate in activities they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Our aim is to empower their capabilities, help with broader acceptance, assist with integration, and show that positive change is possible.


Every year, thousands of kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have a disability get support from Variety – the Children’s Charity of Queensland when they need it most.

The funds you raise will help Aussie kids who are sick, disadvantaged or living with a disability receive equipment and scholarships, as well as access programs like the Variety Activate Inclusion Sports Day to live their life to the fullest.  

We believe that all kids deserve a fair go in life. With your help, even more kids can join in and not miss out!

Little Heroes Foundation

On average, approximately 750 children aged 0 – 14 years old are diagnosed with cancer each year in Australia. Here at Little Heroes Foundation, we are dedicated to supporting families with a seriously ill child through their lives after diagnosis.

We understand that not every situation is the same, and remain passionate about helping families however we can throughout their treatment journey.

Since we were founded in 1996, Little Heroes Foundation has continued to innovate and grow, to understand the changing needs of families, and what new technologies and practices are emerging in Paediatric Care.

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation

Premature birth is the number one cause of newborn deaths. Over 48,000 babies are admitted into neonatal intensive and special care units every year in Australia. This is over 14.5% of all babies born and translates to over 115 admissions every day.

Life’s Little Treasures Foundation aims to ensure that all families enduring the difficult and life changing experience of having a premature baby have easy access to critical information and community support to help make a difference to them and their child.


Bravehearts works tirelessly to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child. Your fundraising will help support us through our 3 Piers to Prevention:

Educate – All children and young people receive evidence-based, age-appropriate personal safety education.

Empower – All adults are trained, aware and motivated to protect children, and adequate specialist counselling and support is available to all child and adult survivors of child sexual assault and exploitation and those who support them.

Protect – All systems of community and government engage effectively and respond at all times in the best interests of the child.

Mental Awareness Foundation

Our mission is to support charities that are working directly with communities who are implementing strategies to raise awareness of depression and mental illness, while supporting the preservation of life.

The Mental Awareness Foundation is all about delivering engaging, informative and meaningful experiences and events within communities which then enable us to support charities and make a difference on mental health in Queensland and Australia. Our flagship event is the Walk for Awareness.

In 2021, co-founders Wesley and Tudor Vasile received the Spirit of Brisbane Award from the Lord Mayor at the Australia Day Awards, for pivoting their 2020 Walk for Awareness, delivering a safe event in Brisbane via virtual entry options, and continuing to connect the community at a time when it was needed most. In 2020 over $140,000 was fundraised, through donations by Walk for Awareness and other Mental Awareness Foundation initiatives, raising vital funds for health services.

Sport Access Foundation

Funds raised by Sport Access Foundation go towards providing financial assistance – through annual grants – for key sports projects and events for Australian kids who have a disability.

Our grants help to provide products or services to that will enable disabled children better access to participate in a local sporting club or activity.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation is the official charity for Gold Coast Health. As a locally-based community organisation, we raise funds to support patients and their families by delivering local health programs and projects.

Our purpose is to relieve medical hardship caused by illness, injury or disability while supporting the incredible patient care provided by Gold Coast Health medical professionals.

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