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Hope for Hollie

Diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cancer called Neuroblastoma in July 2018, 7 year old Hollie has already undergone 2 years of intensive treatment against this rare form of cancer. Since then, Hollie and her family have been on the most harrowing roller coaster of a journey.

After an initial round of chemotherapy and surgery to remove the main tumor, it was shattering for them to hear that the repeat tests showed the treatment had failed to make an impact on the disease in her bone marrow. It was a heart-breaking outcome.

Hollie began a new set of combined chemo and immunotherapy cycles and has now completed two stem cell transplants. The news was initially positive but still required additional surgery to remove the remaining cancer.

Following various surgeries, and despite being initially cleared, her 3-month check up showed signs of the cancer returning. The family have now exhausted all avenues for treatment in New Zealand, and are actively pursuing treatment options globally – at huge additional cost.

Hollie and her family are stoic in their approach, pragmatic about the process, and motivated by the possibility of finally seeing her beat this disease. There is genuine hope for a positive, long-term outcome but she needs your support in her continued battles.

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