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Below you will find a number of resources to help with engagement and encouraging others to join the Fly into July challenge.

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Learn how to make the most of your Fly into July 2021 Dashboard.

Save the dashboard on your mobile
How to search and save

Km to step converter
How to add steps
Updating a current week daily step count
Updating a previously submitted week’s step count

2021 participation & submission dates

This year, Fly into July starts on Thursday 1st of July 2021 and concludes Saturday 31st of July 2021.

Submission of all completed daily step counts for the week are generally due every Sunday.

For example, the first week of 2021’s challenge starts on Thursday 1st of July and concludes on Saturday 3rd of July. On Sunday 4th of July, you will enter all completed daily step counts for the period of 1st to 3rd of July. The second week starts on Sunday 4th of July and concludes on Saturday 10th of July. On Sunday 11th of July, you will enter all completed daily step counts for the period of 4th to 10th of July.

Below are the step submission dates for 2021’s challenge:

SunMonTuesWedsThursFriSatSubmission Deadline
Week 11st2nd3rdSunday 4th of July 2021
Week 24th5th6th7th8th9th10thSunday 11th of July 2021
Week 311th12th13th14th15th16th17thSunday 18th of July 2021
Week 418th19th20th21st22nd23rd24thSunday 25th of July 2021
Week 525th25th27th28th29th30th31stSunday 1st of August 2021


You are eligible to win prizes just by participating. We have provided an indicative list of prizes below and you can use this to help set some July goals for yourself and your team.

Distance conversion calculation

For participants who usually record movement as distance, we provide a calculation tool on the challenge dashboard for you to convert kilometers into ‘steps’.

This may include people who are participating in a wheelchair, or with a device that only records distance rather than steps.

Sophus meal guides

Our friends over at Sophus are delighted to provide you with free access to their meal planner template, and a 5-ingredient recipe ebook.