Workplace Participation

Improving your workplace

Looking for an inclusive way to connect with your colleagues in a fun and meaningful way?

The Fly into July Annual Step Challenge is a virtual event that helps connect people no matter their location. That’s why it is perfect for workplaces.

We love it when colleagues join the challenge together, as it helps lead to long-lasting positive impacts on workplace culture. So, nominate some Team Captains, come up with some clever team names, invite your workmates to join, and create some friendly competition between each other.

Bridget from Degnan

Workplace benefits

A more energetic workforce

Higher engagement levels

Increased productivity

Improved mental health

Better health awareness

Reduced stress levels

How to join us

We provide two options for your workplace to join in:

Workplaces that participate in the challenge pay for their staff to take part. We are a charity too, which means your workplace will receive a tax deductible receipt for much of the participation cost. Better staff morale and engagement, and an affordable wellness program? Win, win!

If your workplace would prefer to participate free of financial commitments, the Fly into July Annual Step Challenge can still be used as a workforce engagement and wellness tool simply by promoting the challenge to its staff.

Further information

Please download the attachment for further information on workplace participation, or feel free to contact us on [email protected].